Web and Academic Content Writing - Bangladesh

Looking for freelance web content writing or freelance academic content writing platforms? Or perhaps you are looking for a platform to hire writers for your tasks. Well then, you have landed just at the right place. TasksZilla is just the right place for hiring writers and for getting hired if you are aspiring to make a foothold in freelancing. TasksZilla offers a platform for academic writers as well as content writers to get hired easily according to their preferences. For those of you hirers who do not know what's the difference between academic and content writing then worry not, we are there for the rescue.

Difference between Web Content Writing and Academic Content Writing:

Web content writing refers to the writing of content for website for business purposes. Content Writing refers to that writing which is published on websites and contains key words to increase the website's SEO.

On the other hand, academic writing is the sort of writing that is purely for academic purposes, to increase the knowledge of the writer.

What TasksZilla has to offer ?

TasksZilla is a website that has a simple interface. The writers have to go through a registration process that in which they have to give knowledge about their credentials and skills.

The employers or hirers have to go through a similar registration process that requires them to input their requirements.

The interface then matches the writers to the hirers ensuring that both get what they asked for.

This is what makes this site preferable and so pleasing to use.

Another factor that contributes to the uniqueness is that TasksZilla offers both online academic writing jobs and online web content writing jobs.

Workflow and Payments:

The workflow will depend upon your employer. The working hours and tentative payment per article will be determined by your employer as well. You can either see the working hours, perks and payment offered in the description of the job or you can discuss these when you contact the employer just before your hiring.

Your payout will be issued at the end of your contract according to the articles you've submitted.

How to know whether TasksZilla is the place for you?

If you have the following qualities as a writer then TasksZilla is the place for you.

Dedication towards your job

Ability to meet deadlines

Ability to satisfy your employer by delivering quality content.

Honesty in your resume about what skills and experiences you have.

Above all a zeal to grow and be dedicated towards your writing skills.

Why Choose TasksZilla ?

TasksZilla shows on your dashboard only those jobs that are relevant and according to your preferences.

For the employers, your dashboard will display only those writers who fulfill your skills requirements.

You can opt out of any job before accepting the contract, if you find that job unsatisfying or if you have any problem regarding anything.

TasksZilla ensures the integrity of the hirers. If there are complaints regarding an employer than you can leave the complaint on the site and we'll make sure that that employer is no longer allowed on the website. This stands for the writers as well.