1. What are the kinds of writing tasks I will be asked to do?
We care for pedantic writing. Skilled persons are needed to work and provide for the assignments. We deal with different types of projects, reports, dissertations, thesis, and essays etc. of different subjects including Finance, Marketing, HRM, Medical, Biotechnology, Engineering (Mechanical, Computer science, Civil, Electrical and Electronics), Humanities, Sociology, Psychology, Project management, Law etc. Our customers are pupils from the universities of UK, US, Australia and other countries.

2. What are the necessities of being a freelancer donnish writer?

A freelancer works from home i.e. freelancing TasksZilla is basically working from home. There are certain necessities that a freelancer is needed to fulfil:
• Subject Knowledge – The specialist must have good knowledge of the subject he wishes to work on.
• Plagiarism free content and solution – Freelancers are expected to provide us 100% original content that is plagiarism free content.
• Referencing – At the point of completion of the project, it is essential to refer the sources from where the information has been taken. A freelancer should have the noesis of different referencing styles of universities, i.e. Harvard, APA, MLA, Oxford and many more.
• Meeting the deadline – Deadlines that are attached with each assignment and the deadline must be met.
• Good Command over English – Strong and Correct usage of English language with no grammatical mistakes are requires along with good vocabulary skills.

3. Can this site be included in the genuine website lists?

It’s a new industry & we are one of the early birds plying the needs of students and the ones who require web content. We are endlessly providing a platform for exchanging pluses of information.

4. Can my contact number be changed?

Yes, it can be done in your profile on your own.

5. How do you pay?

Payment is done through online banking for Indian Experts .By PayPal for experts other than from India. For payment to be done, one needs to update the bank details over portal through “My profile”.

6. On what basis is the payment done for numerical/programming/coding assignments?

For such type of assignments, the payment is decided on the basis of complexness and importunity. It also depends on research involved to complete a specific task.

7. If I didn’t work for a month, is there any negative penalty?

No, we do not do it in such manner. No penalties will be inflicted but we expect all experts to work the best with quality work.
8. What is the currency conversion rate, for International Payment?

It is paid as per the conversion relevant on the date of payment.

9. What is plagiarism ?
Plagiarism occurs when a writer intentionally uses other’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without recognizing the source.

10. Can the same solutions be submitted ,which have been submitted for other company, student, University, client, etc?

No, it is not possible. All the works should be 0% plagiarized work.

11. How can I raise the number of assignments

It depends on the work quality that the writer provides. It is measured mainly on the three parameters:
• Frequent availability of the writer to take up the urgent tasks.
• High quality work and timely delivery.
• Lower number of times reworks coming in the completed assignments.

12. How do I send a message?

You can send us by referring the Contact Us section on our website. Chat Option in the website will soon be implemented.

13. What if I forget my password?

Forgot Password section in our website, guides you when you lost your password.

14. Will I be paid in my currency?

Yes, definitely as the one you have mentioned in the registration details.

15. Are the experts satisfied?

Yes, our experts are more than satisfied, as we offer a lot of provisions with protocols, communication media, effective planning, pre-defined terms & conditions, automatic billing, pre-stated payment date & 7 days working support panel.