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A well written piece of work can be the difference between good first impression and a bad one, a knowledgeable source or a irrelevant one. Hence it is necessary to know how writing is done in different sectors. TasksZilla is an online freelance academic and web content writing service which lets freelancers discover new opportunities for writing and getting paid.

TasksZilla is one of the most trustworthy freelance academic and web content writing service out there. Unlike other writing services, freelancers get paid in a timely manner and in terms of their expertise. Writers in India are paid in their currency of rupees via methods like bank transfers and also digital methods like PayPal and other online wallets.

TasksZilla mainly concentrates on web and academic content. Following are some differences between the two.

Web Content :

The role of Search Engine Optimisation is key

Unlike academic writing, web content writing is always in soft copy.

Which is why citing sources is done through hyperlinks.

Supposed to provide only the relevant information without taking too much space.

Academic Content :

For school/college/teaching purposes.

Always using reliable sources to build argument.

Has the purpose is to display and argue about what you've learnt.

Is usually stricter in terms of structure and citation method.

Why do Web and Academic Content Writing With TasksZilla ?

Becoming a freelance content writer has many perks. For starters, there is a big demand in India’s growing markets for web and academic freelance writers. With the growth of startups and small businesses, there are numerous websites and blogs which are in need of web content writing.

What TasksZilla Looks for in Writers ?

Good command over the English language

Professional adherence to deadlines

Possessing knowledge about web content writing, or

Possessing knowledge about academic writing and rules

Writers who possess these qualities and can work with these rules can avail the work opportunity at TasksZilla.

Why Join TasksZilla ?

Scope for both web and academic content writers

Plenty of projects and opportunities

Trustworthy and reliable

Values expertise in writers

Gives opportunity to improve their salary with their gradual increase in quality of work

Writers in India get the ease of getting paid in a variety of ways, like bank transfers, PayPal and so on.

Contrary to other freelancing sites, it recognises specialised knowledge and gives tasks and salaries accordingly.

In addition to this, freelance web content and academic content writing with TasksZilla gives you the freedom to work in accordance to your own time preferences. Increasingly, freelance writers are opting for working from home to get an income from content writing.

TasksZilla gives the opportunity to content writers to improve their skills and brings to writers fulfilling projects and opportunities to generate a good income.