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Plagiarism can be easily explained as taking someone else’s work and naming it as your own. It constitutes of copying content from somewhere or taking someone’s idea and presenting it as custom. Basically, it is an act of stealing and trying to deceive the receiver giving the wrong idea by claiming someone else’s work. It is not just considered as an act of fraud and professional ethics breach, but also an illegal practice if copyright infringement is involved or breach of intellectual property rights and trademark.

Types of Plagiarism:


In paraphrasing the writer changes a few words or sentences of the write up. The problem of paraphrasing occurs when the writes forgets to address the real source of the content. The act of paraphrasing is included in plagiarism as the real source of the information has not been acknowledged.


It means copying the content from some source word by word with a little or no alterations and not specifying the original source of the content comes under Verbatim. It generally occurs when seven or more continuous words are copied from the same source and no references are mentioned.

Accidental plagiarism:

This is also a problem that occurs when a writer has no intent of copying content from somewhere but because of many reasons like improper referencing, lacks of citation of paraphrased material, use of exact same words without quotation marks, etc.

Auto Plagiarism:

Such plagiarism condition occurs when a writer of some write up resubmits his work for purpose of some other relevance. The case may be that the work is being submitted by the real author resubmission is unacceptable. If you want to further know about Plagiarism click here. For effective checking of plagiarism here are some tools that you can use: For Web Content: Small SEO Tools
Dupli checker
For Academic Content: Turn It In


That was all about what plagiarism is, but the presence of so much content already on the web allure the researchers and students to fall into the plagiarism trap. But if you really want to still copy your friends assignment without being caught into this trap try getting an idea from these video. But don’t reveal the secret!!

Here is another one: