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Referencing is the method used to acknowledge the work done by all the sources we have refrerred to while researching. These sources include anything and evrything from research papers, books, articles, sites, images, videos, data, diagrams, tables etc. Referncing shows how authentic our work is as this reflects that we have researched a lot before writing our piece of work. It should be detailed and accurate as this is used as a recordset for going through the resources we have used. Doing it inappropriately in an academic piece of writing depicts the lack of knowledge and expertise in the field. It is a very essential part of an academic writing. This increases the quality of the work produced. There are various styles of referncing, as discussed in the following section.
Various styles for Referncing:
1. Harvard Referencing Style
A guide to Harvard Referencing

2. MLA or Modern Language Association Referencing Style
MLA Works Cited Page

3. American Psychological Association or APA style of Referencing
APA Style Citation Tutorial

4. Australian Guide to Legal Citation or AGLC

5. Vancouver Referencing Style 6. Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities Referencinge Style or OSCOLA