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Important Instructions
The Terms of use obligate for all people who enter the website TasksZilla.com and also for ones who care to work as a writer for the company. By entering the website of TasksZilla.com, you accept that you are adhered with the following terms and conditions. If you do not accord to any of the following, you are not allowed to enter the website or carry out any business with our company. The list of all the terms and conditions are as follows:
1. TasksZilla.com owns all the pedantic assignments and content write outs prepared by the authors.
2. Opinions expressed by the writers in their write-ups are entirely of their own. The company is not at the helm of, for views and pledge to these opinions.
3. TasksZilla.com allows making necessary changes to the research projects any time that are written by the writers as viewed fit. The company is not likely to notify the writer before such modifications are made.
4. If the quality of work produced by the writers is discontented, he/she has to make all the necessary changes till the company feels contented.
5. The company has a clear-cut monthly payment policy for the writers. No any other form of compensation methods are there.
6. The company is not in charge of all the resources/ software that are used by the writers to develop the donnish projects. All copyright procurement is the obligation of the writers and not of TasksZilla.com.
7. International copyright rules defend every content published on the website. Procreation without proper empowerment is strictly prohibited.
8. The writers and all other concerned people use the website TasksZilla.com at their sole risk. The company is not liable for any loss, penalty, and collateral damages coming with the usage of this site.
9. It is irremissible for all the writers associated with the company to compensate the owners of TasksZilla.com and assure them against any loss, damage, cost, claim or penalty suffered by any third party in relation to any act by the concerned writer.
10. The authors tied to TasksZilla.com presume the responsibility and risk in using the website TasksZilla.com. The owners of the company are not accountable for any loss, cost, claim or penalty suffered by the writers from the use of this site regardless of their anterior knowledge of damages.
11. The company proprietor is not liable to the writers in any form: direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to any loss of revenue or profit, commercial and economic losses.
12. TasksZilla.com can contain links or banners of other websites. These links and banners are of sponsored or independent advertisers. Advertising in the website is welcomed in case only if it provides better service to the website users. The company does not analyse the legitimacy of these websites and hence it is not responsible for their truthfulness. Entree to such websites through these banners is entirely at the delicacy of the users.